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So at work right, I have been really good friends with my boss pretty much since the day I met her there. Then things at work got shit, and stuff was stressing her out and things weren’t running properly and even senior management were giving her shit. It was getting to the stage where we would go to work everyday and she would have to battle something and deal with some drama. As a friend and colleague I always supported her and stood by her side, feeling as pissed off as she did and getting worked up about the stuff going on. Anyway, in the end she made the decision she didn’t want to be there anymore and moved on to a different job. We are still friends, completely, there was no love lost at all. I even always maintained that I was going to get out when I completed my NVQ and that the place was shit and I didn’t want to be there anymore.

But, stuck there doing my NVQ, waiting for someone to come be manager and chugging along has transpired to me now taking her job. I am the manager now, and…..I don’t understand where her stress and drama came from. I have been doing it for 4 weeks now and haven’t really had a single moment of sheer stress.

I can’t understand why. I guess we are two different people and we do things differently. I also feel I have had a lot of support, maybe she didn’t have that. I hope that isn’t the case as it would have been so unfair on her.

I want it to be payday. I was promoted and want to blow some money cos the promotion sucks so spending money will counter-act that.

I want the Sims 4 but my laptop is gay and its £50!

I want to go to another theme park.

I wanna go on holiday!


Is that you, cap?

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holly shit.


I’m not an artist and I jizzed myself.

This is pure porn.

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Fuzzy blanket and woolly  jumper. It’s 9 degrees outside!!!!