The Show is Short but it Lasts for Eternity

I'm Sian, I live in Norwich. This is a personal blog, just spewing my unnatractive thoughts and opinions that no one really gives a toss about. Mainly music orientated, films, things I love....and lots of boring rambling from me!

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I have no idea who this woman is, but I love her.

Correction: This fine dame is called Sarah Millican

“The rest of this better be a f***ing equation”. Amazing.

(Starting everyone off with something lighthearted on this rainy Monday - hope you had a great weekend!)

Sarah Millican’s stand up is like the most perfect female stand up, I’ve never agreed with anyone more :’)

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I spent £23 on a soft toy. Excessive but on payday “I want.”…..well gets.

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It’s almost dinner time!


It’s almost dinner time!

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stop doing this

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Mutant Banana!!